Pecorino Foglie Noci


After obtaining curd from processing pasteurized sheep’s milk and adding calf rennet and cheese cultures, the curd is collected
into moulds. After that, it is subjected to a dry-salting procedure in specially arranged environment, which allows the secondary syneresis,thus reaching the first maturation.
The cheese matured at first in huge wooden basins after having rubbed each individual whole cheese with extra virgin olive oil and havingcovered them with walnut leaves in layers. After that, the last step is carried out in terra cotta jars in a particular natural setting.


Organoleptic characteristics

Cheese with white crumbly and grainy texture, properly soft in the mouth, flavour of sheep’s milk, not strong, aftertaste of walnut leaves.


Diameter11 / 16 cm
Height5 / 8 cm
Weight500 /1300 g
Shelf life180 days from date of seasoning
Storage refrigerated below 8°C



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