Pecorino di Grotta

After the curd is obtained by processing pasteurised sheep’s milk and adding calf rennet and milk enzymes, it is collected in special moulds and dry-salted in special environments that allow for secondary syneresis, reaching an initial maturation.
The long ageing process takes place in virgin beech and powdered oak wood crates, where it is turned and brushed every 15 days to allow the rind to remain thin over the long months of ageing.

Caratteristiche organolettiche

The colour of the rind is ivory, more or less dark depending on the length of the maturing process.
The paste is grainy, chalky and very white, with a flavour of fresh milk and a grass and hay finish.


Diameter10 / 20 cm
Height5 / 9 cm
Weight500 / 2800 g
Shelf life180 days from date of seasoning
Storagerefrigerated below 8° C

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