Pecorino Canapa ®


Made with sheep’s milk pasteurised at 72° C, cooling at 32°- 35°C. Cheese cultures are added and mixture is left to ferment, after which rennet is added and the mixture coagulates. The curd is broken up and drained into moulds.
The cheese is then brined and dried in a cold room at 6°- 8°C. It is aged for over 60 days in virgin fir crates with hemp so that it maintains its softness, fragrance and intense scent.


Organoleptic characteristics

A white and smooth texture that tends to crack with maturation.
Maturation in hemp gives this cheese a unique scent and flavour.


Diameter11 / 15 cm
Height5,5 / 8 cm
Weight500 / 1300 g
Shelf life180 days from date of seasoning
Storagerefrigerated below 8°C



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