Lamucca di Castagno

Produced with cow milk pasteurized at 72°C, selected enzymes are then added, along with calf rennet.
The cheese is first dried in refrigerating rooms at constant temperatures, and then placed in airtight crates with chestnut dust.
Temperature and humidity cycles are then carried out up to eight times a day, to ensure the seasoning slows down and the cheese keeps its softness even for a few months, yet acquiring the scent and the fragrance of a typical long-term seasoning cheese.

Organoleptic characteristics

The cheese presents a straw-coloured white paste, with slight holes. The flavour features a dash of persistent sweetness, with an intense and harmonious taste.


Diameter10 cm / 18 cm
Height5,5 cm / 7 cm
Weight 500 / 1800 g
Shelf life180 days from date of seasoning
Storagerefrigerated below 8°C