Caprozzo al Prugnolo ®


Made using goat’s milk pasteurised at 72°C, with the addition of selected starters and fermentation, addition of rennet and
coagulation – breaking of the curd and pouring in special moulds, drying and salting, then cold storage at 8°C.
After 30 days it is washed by hand and dried before being left to refine with crushed blackthorn flowers to slow down seasoning and preserve the cheese’s aroma and softness.


Organoleptic characteristics

Cheese with a smooth, soft and compact paste, processed using traditional methods with the addition of selected starters.
Milky white paste, silky in the mouth, delicate and buttery.


Diameter20 cm
Height11 cm
Weight2800 g
Shelf life120 days from date of seasoning
Storagerefrigerated below 8°C



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