We create preciousness

Since 1985, our philosophy remains the same:

constant research, limited production, maximum quality and total management on the product.

The great love for our native land and the constant research for raw materials, allowed us to earn the respect and the confidence of the best professionals of the gastronomic branch, both national and international.
The limited availability of any of our products represents their quality and the attention to detail to satisfy the faith of our evaluators and the most refined palates for those who search for excellence.

Our fundamental values

We respect the earth
and its marvelous products
Only the best raw materials of our territory become
masterpieces gifted with an unmistakable flavor
We’re inspired by our traditions
and we strive to improve ourselves
We love our job,
and we made a passion out of it
The greatest technology we own,
are the hands of our partners.

Paolo Farabegoli



I am proud to do what others don’t, to follow different paths that let me create an exclusive product, unique and well-thought-out.
While most workers keep hastening seasonings, we delay them, to make sure that the scent and the softness of the cheese remains intact.
Among all of our products, you will never find dry or overly hot cheeses.

Every product was born to make a specific kind of refinement, we would never change our recipe halfway through, with a different type of flower or herb.

Every flower or herb has specific quirks, every kind of cheese has its own curdling, and its own enzyme.
Each one of our cheeses is different from his sibling, because we create it to generate a certain final product. Basically, we have a lot of children, but in the end, each one of them will attend a different kind of school.

Manufacturing process

All of our cheeses get refined in cells built specifically to recreate climatic conditions needed to alternate heat and cold, wet and dry with edges that may vary 8 times a day from 6 to 20 degrees, from 59% to 96% humidity.

All of our cheeses are natural, without colorings, preservatives or anti-mold.

“Cheese is an overall alive product; it breathes, it needs to be cuddled and massaged daily,
and just by handling it, you can feel its development and the path it is taking.
The touch of our hands and our expert eye are the only means to have the perfect delayed cheese seasoning”

Paolo Farabegoli